Here at New Hope Hermitage we believe that discipleship begins in the crib.  

What to expect.

Sunday 9am

Sunday mornings at 9am are our small group time for preschoolers! We engage every child with the Gospel in a way that sets the foundation for them to grow in maturity. Our kids are separate from birth-crawlers, crawlers-2yrs, 2yrs-3yrs, and 4yrs-5yrs.

Sunday 10:30am
Our preschoolers have their own Large Group time during the 10:30 hour. Just like with our NHK, we use Gospel Project curriculum to take our preschoolers on a journey through Scripture! They will end up going through the entirety of scripture by the time they leave NHKjr.

Cubbies (Wednesday 6:15pm-8pm)
In Cubbies, kids learn basic truths about God, Jesus, and salvation through. Our preschoolers hear the stories of the Bible, memorize Bible verses, and have fun while doing it. We have great Bible teachers who love the children and keep them engaged throughout.